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Resource Library for Diagnosis, Identification, Care, & More in Staten Island, NY

We hope you find our resource library useful in helping to identify your tree or shrub problem. We've got the library broken down into various sections to help you identify what the problem may be, for example an insect problem or a disease. Sometimes it may be an abiotic issue (not biological in nature) such as construction injury, salt damage, or winter injury.
The library is currently being built and we will start with the most common problems and will be a work in progress as we will be constantly adding material as we gather it. The library will include articles from magazines, university papers and research, plenty of photos, personal observations as well as links to other helpful sites. If you need information on a tree or shrub problem, please contact us and we'll try to help.
For your convenience we have links to some helpful sites that include insect and disease diagnosis, planting, tree and shrub identification, care and maintenance, protection from construction damage and mitigation of such and much more.


Apple Tree Borers


Asian Longhorn Beetle

Bronze Birch Borers

Dogwood Borers

Eastern Tent Caterpillar

Emerald Ash Borer
Eriophyid Mites

Gypsy Moth


Japanese Beetles

Oak Gall Wasps

Spruce Spider Mites

Viburnum Leaf Beetle



Berkeley's Polypore

Cedar-Apple Rust

Cytospora Canker

Dogwood Anthracnose

Gray Mold Botrytis
Horsechestnut Leaf Blotch

Leaf Scortch

Tar Spot

Verticillium Wilt

Planting & Tree Selection



  • Compost Tea Article from the Rodale Institute written by Matthew Ryan

Abiotic Disorders